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Visual artist  Jan-Thomas Ölund



Pernbys art school Stockholm Sweden 1976-77, art school Brage Umeå Sweden 1978-79, stage design Skellefteå Sweden 1987-89, Atilier 17 Paris France color graphic 1991, Umea univerity Sweden and diffrent art courses.


Nurce school Sundsvalls hospital 1981-82, Myckling school 1984, Skellefteå library childrens corner 1994-95, Skellefteå hospital 1996


Swedish Art council working scholarship 1981,1984, working scholaship art-project in Atelier 17 Paris France 1991,The County Council of Västernorrlands scholarship 1986. Umeå municipality scholarship 1990. Swedish-French scholarship 1991. Studio scholarship in Sveaborg Helsinki Finland 1993. Studio at Ricklundgården Saxnas Sweden 1999, 2006.


The County Council of Västerbotten, Västernorrlands, The National Public Art Council in Sweden Ö-viks municipality, Umeå municipality. Internationally: Private and public places in the United States latest Upfor gallery art for a public place in Portland OR 2019


Bildhörnan Umeå 1987 Sweden, gallery Art Härnosand 1990 Sweden, Dragonskolan Art club Umeå 1992,Gallery EtsEts Umeå 1994,Gallery C.C.O-vik 1994,gallery hörnan Falun 1994 Sweden, Museum Albergshallen Östersund 1996, Vännesby art club Umeä 2002 Sweden, Burträsk art club 2003, Vilhelmina art club 2003, Lycksele art club 2004 ,Dorotea art club 2005, Åsele Art club 2005,Vasterbottens art gallery Umeå 2009, Örnskoldsviks art gallery 1981,1992,2001.Y-Saloon 1982,1984 Gallery My Stocholm 1982, Albershallen Östersund 1984,experiment Örnskoldsvik 1985, Västerbottens Museum, 2002-2006. Gallery Verkligheten Umeå "coloring the north"2008 Kultur cafe´Holmsund 2012

Blue series

Blue ultramarine and cobalt blue two colors that form the basis for a
new series of paintings the blue color in the background against reduced
shapes in playful play.


 Oil on canvas and panel 2015-2018.

Art on paper

Oil mix media wax on paper 2015-2018

About me


Jan-Thomas Ölund I am a visual artist born in Örnsköldsvik now living in Holmsund outside Umeå Sweden. My medium is oil, acrylic and video. The inspiration comes from various sources at present Japanese aesthetics "wabi" which strives for simplicity, austerity and the beauty of nature and things. In the latest paintings, which span a ten-year period, there is a simplicity that rests in an abstract minimalist tradition.


Jan-Thomas Ölund
Kyrkogatan 8,                    
913 31 Holmsund


+46 737784327                    

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